Traveling To Indonesia, Where To Go?

Becomes a home of 18,110 islands, Indonesia offers its travellers with various places to visit together with distinctive cultures and idyllic natural settings they can admire. Take some time to learn map Indonesia, it will get you a picture about the country, let it alone places to visit. Many things that you can enjoy in Indonesia, from the foods, beaches, mountains, and more. If you are fans of the off-beaten track, Indonesia should be on your list. There are small and big islands you can spot on the map, here some clues about things that you can experience there, however, exclude first those inhabitants islands.

Kalimantan, Sumatera, Bali, Java, Nusa Tenggara and more are some places where you can discover the unique beauty of Indonesia. Kalimantan is known for its untouched rainforest, vast river, and of course Orangutan. Any travellers who favour off-beaten track and want to experience the real adventure, Kalimantan will please you. Sumatera is another big island where distinctive cultures and mind blowing scenery interlace each other. Endangered specimens also take the jungle as their home, but it’s not recommended for you to explore the jungle by yourself.

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Java, since it has Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and some other popular places, you can figure out how popular the island is. Next is Bali that becomes the most popular travel destination. The island has its reputation from its mesmeric nature and distinctive cultures. Despite the island gives modern vibes through the nightlife, the hotels, and so on, it won’t give up its traditional values. Travelling to Indonesia, these are things that should be on your lists of things to do, scuba diving, spa treatment, food tasting, and, if you want, climbing a mountain is a note worthy.

As the biggest archipelago country, Indonesia is blessed with exotic beaches and awe-inspiring marine creatures. Surfing is worth noting for the waves . Spa treatment is somehow cheap. In Bali, for instance, it’s not less common when you are approached by Indonesian women who offer you a traditional massage. When it comes to the place to stay, there is some variation, such as, hotel, guesthouse, and more, which you can choose based on your budget. However, some options probably are not available in certain regions in Indonesia. Prior to travel to the country, make sure that you do proper preparation like your visa, knowledge about the place that you want to visit and more.