A Magical Night on a Bus

My sister has been through a lot. She had a life threatening illness that she survived. Her marriage did not survive it though. To win a huge battle and lose the person who is supposed to be your biggest supporter would knock a lot of people down, but my sister is a survivor. She did mourn the loss of her dreams, but she welcomed the possibilities that were open to her. When she told me that she was getting a Toronto party bus to celebrate life, it did not surprise me one bit because that is just the type of person she is.

She did not do this right away. She had been in remission for nearly a year, and her ex was already living with another woman for months. I knew that it was long overdue though, and I was happy that she was having this celebration. That she chose to do it in such grand style just made me smile even more. When I went to her house on the day of our big outing, she was wearing cutoff jeans and a tank top. She was dressed so casually, which was a complete opposite of what I would have thought for her party bus outing.

I had to smile again though, and I changed into a similar outfit. She wanted to be herself even though our ride was definitely out of our element. When we boarded it, it was like we were princesses. I had never seen such luxury in any vehicle, and definitely not a bus. Seats outlined the bus walls, and the center aisle was free to walk around. There was a bar that ran the entire length too. That night was so magical in so many ways, and it was wonderful to see my sister reclaiming the magic for her own life again too.