Amping Up Our Awards Ceremony Helps to Make Employees Appreciated

Seeing the large number of Toronto party limo buses around town has always kept them fresh in my mind. I had never used one before, but seeing them so often reminded me to use their services when I finally needed to rent one. I had never been on one before. I knew a lot of people who have, and they always told me they are pretty nice. But I never realized just how nice they were until I went to visit the company and asked to check around inside a few of them before making up my mind to use their service. I was sold after looking around the inside and the outside of just one of them.

I got involved with needing to contact them after my boss told me to figure out what we could do for an awards ceremony that he was planning. In previous years, we would all meet around lunch to have catered food. Then, the big wigs in the company would come in and give a really boring speech for the people who had been working there 10 to 20 years. After that, each of those employees would be called to the front of the room to receive a really cheesy, gold-plated pin that came in the shape of whatever number of years they had given to the company. So, someone working there for 20 years would get a cheesy number “10” pin. That’s when my boss told me that he knew no one felt rally celebrated in that ceremony we needed something better.

I looked into a lot of venues, but most of them seemed like they would be nice with no particular fun action going on. I could just imagine us sitting in a nice place and listening to boring speeches. No difference other than a change in the location. My plan to get a bus and take everyone out for the night with champagne and a nice catered dinner appealed to everyone, so that is what we are doing from here on out.