Preservation Of The Endangered Species: Visit The Zoos That Are Really Pulling Their Weight

Humans are considered animal lovers and it is us who need to fight for our species. One of the highly motivated groups of people who are helping this cause are zoo biologists and they come with species survival action from time to time to aid the rescue of endangered species. These zoo biologist works in tandem with some of the most popular zoos in the world and the tireless effort on the part of zoos is proving to be a milestone in specie rescue. Let’s have a look at 10 of the most popular zoos that are helping in conservation of endangered species across the planet.


The London zoo

One of the oldest zoos of all time, the zoo of London is sprawled across 36 acres. The zoo takes scientific program from time to time and helps in conservation of tigers through SOS programs. The zoo is quite famous for its Bongo Junior, Winnipeg and Orangutan and biologist here look forward to rescue these animals quite suitably and with perfection.

The Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast Australia

One of the most fascinating zoos across the planet, the zoo of Australia is encourages preservation of species quite satisfactorily. The zoo houses approx 1000 species of different animals and helps protect koalas, wombats and various species of snakes and kiwi birds.

The Zoo of Singapore, Singapore

The Singapore zoo is the biggest in the country and is spread across 69 acres. The Zoo has in its disposal a total of 315 species and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist locations in whole of Singapore. Polar bear and white rhinoceros are some endangered species that biologists here work on and look to protect for better breeding. This is one of the best places in the whole world for wildlife lovers.

The Yokohama Zoo, Japan

Spread across 100 acres of land, this zoo houses more than 1500 animals belonging to 150 types of species. The zoo has 7 different ecological regions and provides tailor-made living conditions to different types of species nearing extinction. The ecological areas mimic the living conditions of different places and help species get a perfect habitat for survival.

The National Zoological Gardens, South Africa

Located in Pretoria, the zoological garden is spread across 210 acres and is home to some of the most valuable species in the world. The zoo is segregated by Apies River and provides habitat to more than 700 species each on either side.

The Berlin Zoo, Germany

One of the most popular zoos in whole of Europe, this place is the biggest zoo in whole of Germany. The zoo houses almost 17000 animals in total and is home to more than 800 species that are rare and are not seen in other parts of the world. Hippopotamus and red wolf are some species that are conserved through natural breeding.

The Zoo of Beijing, China

The zoo of Beijing was opened in 1906 with few monkeys and parrots is now home to more than 950 species taking habitat in 220 acres of land. This is the biggest zoo in the country and one among the most visited places. South China Tiger and Giant pandas are few species that are kept in human vigil and are helped for survival.

The Toronto Zoo, Canada

Spread across 710 acres, the zoo holds the distinction of being the biggest in the world. With approx 500 species in zoo, it is divided into 7 different zones representing species from different parts of the world. The bald eagles and olive baboons as well as spider monkeys are some of the species that are given special attention here and are protected from getting extinct.