What to Do in Jakarta: Some of the Inexpensive Alternative

If you are traveling to Jakarta, you must be wondering what to do in Jakarta. Well, there are actually many types of activities or places to visit. Being the megacity, this place has a lot of things to offer. If you are looking for free entertainment, there are some of the options. If you are looking for the nightlife only, there are also some of the best choices. If you are looking for the luxurious and exclusive entertainment, you should be able to find one quite easily. In short, As long as you know where to look, this place has a lot of things to offer.

So, what can you do in Jakarta while spending your holiday? Here are some of the greatest options:

  • Visit Taman Impian Jaya Ancol or Ancol Dream Park. Located on the northern area of Jakarta, there are a lot of things that you can do at Ancol. It has a resort with the nice beach (it is pretty standard but it can be a great alternative when you want to escape the busy and hustle of everyday activities). The resort is rather upscale and exclusive. It has an art market where you can find all kinds of handmade crafts there. The market opens tonight time. You can also find golf range, Ocean Eco Park, Atlantis Water Adventure, Fantasy World the amusement park, Ocean Dream Samudra with its dolphin show, gondola, Seaworld, and other entertainments like wakeboarding and paintball. If you are spending your holiday a little longer, going to Ancol should be a great alternative option. Even when you have limited budgets, you can always visit the beach and have a picnic. This is one of the things what to do in Jakarta for free.
  • Come to the Old Town or Kota Tua. Another option for free exploration is to visit the Old Town. This is a part of Jakarta where some of the architecture is still affected by Dutch occupation and the local government preserves it as a part of the city’s charm. It was a part of Dutch colonial district with beautiful buildings from the past. You can explore the area without spending any money – well, aside from the fact that you need to buy some food or drinks. You can walk around, take pictures, find and try the street foods, and come to the square – where you will find it crowded with people. If you want to come to the museum, there are some. You can also find some small group of people with their own interest. Some groups are performing street dance. Some are practicing magic. Some are wearing costumes and such thing alike. You should be able to find many interesting things there.


In the end, the decision of what to do when you are visiting the city depends on your preference or want. There are countless things to do there. Even if you are staying for a while, there are also some things of what to do in Jakarta for 2 days – although it may not be enough to satisfy your curiosity.